Top 2 Extremely Oversold OTCs : PDX Partners, Inc. (PDXP), Victura Construction Group, Inc. (VICT)


PDX Partners, Inc. (PDXP)

Current Price : 0.0011

Based in Portland, Or, PDX Partners, Inc. (formerly My Social Income, Inc.) is a telecom company dedicated to creating revenue and shareholder value by marketing telecom products and acquiring other long term growth assets. The company was founded in 1997.

The company recently announced that it has begun its online advertising program with TeleQuery™. Founded in June of 2000, TeleQuery invents, develops, markets, and sells secure telecom services, broadcasting, consumer/business/government databases, a patented motorcycle towing device, and other specialized products to the US, Europe, South America, and Austral-Asia. PDX has begun testing its advertising platform via Google Adwords, marketing existing TeleQuery iOS product “Who’s Calling Me? ™”. Who’s Calling Me?™ is an iOS telephone number reverse 411 directory look-up service app that currently has over 2,000,000 downloads. The mobile app was introduced to the iTunes App Store in 2010. “By Using Google AdWords and Facebook to identify new downloads and sales of user credits, we are anticipating high-multiple returns,” said CEO Patrick Johnson. “We look forward to the analytics results derived from our Google Adwords advertising spends over the coming month,” he said.


Company’s Recent News :

Victura Construction Group, Inc. (VICT)

Current Price : 0.0033

Victura Construction Group, Inc, is a holding company focused on strategically acquiring businesses operating within the disaster recovery and restoration construction industries. VCG employs sound business practices and ethics, experienced management, ample financial resources, and industry relationships to ensure success to its acquisitions.

The company recently announced that it has signed an Letter of Intent to acquire North Texas Builders and Remodelers (NTXB). North Texas Builders is a residential builder and service provider that has been in business for over ten years. Said CEO Patrick Johnson: “With the Texaplex growing at the rate it is, there is a constant need for capable residential builders in our region,” said CEO Patrick Johnson. “We look forward to our prospects of growing together as there is a wealth of opportunity ahead of us,” he added.

Company’s Recent News :


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