Amazonas Florestal Ltd (OTC:AZFL) shares near breakout


ZFL has been running uphill since they announced they would grow hemp in Colorado.

Besides launching into the marijuana space, AZFL received a strong purchase order from a Netherlands company, Dekker Hout, for posts and pilings. These two moves account for the rest bump.

Amazonas Florestal Ltd (OTC:AZFL) bills itself as a natural resources company diversified in several areas including but not limited to timber, biomass and clean energy generation.

The company is dedicated to the management of its large tracts of land in the rainforests of Amazonas, Brazil. Amazonas Florestal’s sustainable forest management strategy, with its green philosophy and modern methods of cyclical harvesting, preserves ecosystems through habitat and water resource preservation, positioning it as a potential industry leader in responsible, eco-friendly timber practices.

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Amazonas Florestal Ltd’s goal is to become the leader in sustainable forest management, creating revenue while protecting the biodiversity of the rainforest ecosystem and enhancing the lives of the people who live in it. Amazonas business model relies on three distinct, responsible business initiatives and revenue streams. The first initiative, which is already in operations, is Sustainable Forestry and Timber Operations, by which Amazonas supplies hardwood timber to a diverse worldwide customer base specializing in the manufacture of hardwood sleepers for the railroads in Europe. The other initiatives, which are currently being developed, are in the areas of Industrial Hemp, Bio-mass Development, which creates revenues through the direct sale of clean energy; and Carbon Offsets, which are used to garner REDD Carbon Credit incentives for resale.

Amazonas and its people are committed stewards of the land under its control in the Amazon, and believe that an environmentally responsible company can be profitable and grow while leaving a positive impact on its land, its people, and the bio-diversity of the rainforest. Through a strategy of selective harvesting, biomass production, and conservation incentives,

Amazonas Florestal not only protects one of the world’s greatest natural resources but also showing new methods and criteria that demonstrates how preservation can be profitable.

Ricardo Cortez, Company Chairman for AZFL sais this in July after the order was announced:

“This new purchase contract has been placed for production with IPA- Industrias de Piso de Amazonia in Iranduba, Amazonas, Brazil. IPA is one of the foremost wood products manufacturers in northern Brazil. Their mill was installed in 2005 at a cost of more than $40 MM. Should the initial trail work it would open the door for larger orders. We believe that Dekker has the capacity to purchase more than 100 containers per year us and represent substantial revenues for Amazonas.”

After this, AZFL announced a partnership with TSC, Inc. to research and devlope innovative hemp products, according the company.

“I believe this is not only a strategic but also a creative decision that will benefit both entities that thrive for similar goals and visions. Our plan is to engage in many research projects for the development of innovative products for the wireless industry, ideally our goal is to ultimately replace recyclable materials like cartons and plastics for Hemp”

Lastly, AZFL announced earnings this month and here is the breakdown:

  • Total Fixed Assets (as of June 30, 2017): $3,152,605
  • Total Assets: $4,758,463
  • Total Current Liabilities: $3,057,938
  • Total Long Term Liabilities: $231,449


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